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June 1, 2012


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red of typing in your name or someone else's name in The New Prophecy Quest just so you can get a good score? *Mudstump, etc.* Bored of playing the "Find your Warrior Name!" game on the Warriors website and always getting a name you don't want? Here's the guide to exactly what first letter to type as your first name and last name in order to get the name you want!

If you want the right name, you need to find the first letter of both the first name and town name. The rest of the name doesn't matter. Each letter corresponds with a different first name and a different town name. So if my name was Vicky and I lived in Kateandcherithrockmysocks, my warrior name would be... Mouseear!

First Name: Izzy
Town Name: BloodyWarriorsFan534
Warrior Name: Loudtail

First Name
A = Hawk
B = Fern
C = Wild
D = Swift
E = Rain
F = Thorn
G = Leaf
H = Mud
I = Loud
J = Bramble
K = Moss
L = Leopard
M = Ripped
N = Bright
O = Running
P = Sand
Q = Dawn
R = Ice
S = Spotted
T = Fire
U = Red
V = Mouse
W = Tiger
X = Flower
Y = Claw
Z = Blue

Town Name
A = Tail
B = Paw
C = Nose
D = Fur
E = Eyes
F = Heart
G = Storm
H = Face
I = Foot
J = Whisker
K = Ear
L = Pelt
M = Star
N = Claw
O = Stripe
P = Mask
Q = Legs
R = Belly
S = Star
T = Shadow
U = Spot
V = Stump
W = Paw
X = Flower
Y = Wind
Z = Paw

This is what month you born in. This is only in the Name Game on the website.
January = ThunderClan
February = RiverClan
March = WindClan
April = ShadowClan
May = ThunderClan
June = RiverClan
July = WindClan
August = ShadowClan
September = ThunderClan
October = RiverClan
November = ThunderClan
December = Loner

Loudpaw in RiverClan, sweet :)
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Ripped shadow of Riverclan
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Hawkstorm of ThunderClan...Pinkie Pie Scream01  My favorite character is Bluestar from Thunderclan!excited happy 
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Wildstar of RiverClan :D
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Hawkspot of ThunderClan… the way i play it is just pick the names you like :)
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